Tips To Plant And Care For Your New Tree

Trees provide beautiful greenery in your yard and add many benefits to the environment for your property and wildlife. Here are some tips to help you select, plant, and care for your yard trees so you can benefit from their beauty.

Choose the Right Location

One of the most important parts of planting a new tree in your yard is to choose the right placement for it. Because the tree will remain in that same spot for the rest of its life, this decision is one in which you need to evaluate and research before you do so. You need to be sure that the tree's mature height is going to fit in the area and the tree branches are not going to grow into any surrounding power lines or into a nearby home or other outside structure. Don't plant a tree too close to your home because the branches will grow up onto the exterior. Likewise, the tree's roots might also grow into your home's foundation and cause damage. Space the placement of your tree away from your home's foundation to provide it free soil space to grow into.

You should also make sure the spot you have chosen will provide your tree enough sunlight to help it grow healthy. It should also be free from any underground power lines. You may want to have a utility company mark the ground for these lines before you choose a spot to plant the tree. A professional tree service can help you with the planting location of your tree and the right depth to plant it.

Understand the Tree's Needs

A new tree planted in your yard is going to have its own specific needs based on the type of tree it is and its age. As you work with your local tree professional, they can educate you on the specific type of tree you are planting and the care it will need, especially regular health maintenance and services to treat for disease.

One factor in your tree's care is that it is going to need plenty of water for the first few years. A new tree that is planted in your yard will need access to water on a daily basis so its roots can get established in the soil. New trees typically have a compacted root ball that only gets water it receives directly into its roots, whereas a mature tree will have its root system established and expanding out in all directions below in the soil. So be sure to water your newly planted tree each day. Once it is established in the soil after a year or so, you can start to water less frequently and for longer periods to get the water to go more deeply and to provide water to the tree's deep and expanding root system. 

Contact a tree service for more information. 

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